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 We work with you to build capacity for leveraging local skills, resources and talent

to participate in the creative economy.


The creative economy is made up of economic activities like design, handicrafts, food, fashion, film, media arts, music, tourism and other goods and services that people working together can produce. This growing sector provides rural and remote communities with opportunities

for sustainable, inclusive and diversified local development to complement existing economic activities.


We can accompany you for one or all of the stages shown below, always with an emphasis on enhancing local capacity to transform talents, expertise, knowledge and good ideas into viable projects that can provide meaningful opportunities for present and upcoming generations.


By engaging local knowledge and talent, innovative visioning and the right partnerships, your community can advance its own

vision of self-reliance and well-being.


When your specific needs reach beyond our expertise, we bring in subject-matter experts from our wide network of community development and creative economy professionals, or we can point you to consulting services better suited to your needs.