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Privilege human relationships

We strive to create transparent, collaborative and communicative partnerships, nurturing the respectful interpersonal and intercultural relationships that lead to sustainable and equitable development.



Respect for Indigenous ways of life

Wherever we work, we arrive with a profound respect for the ancestral worldviews and ways of life that are the foundation of a People. We integrate these into culturally appropriate projects, seeking to balance culture and protocol with the demands of project management, such as timelines and funders' requirements.


Sustainability and genuine impact

We seek sustainability and long-term impact by responding to each community's unique priorities and by grounding initiatives in appropriate cultural practices. We take the time to learn about these cultural practices and their significance, and we are not afraid to ask questions when in doubt.



By considering ourselves facilitators and our clients directors and decision-makers, we emphasize capacity building so as to equip clients to act autonomously to carry out their projects. That is, we follow our profession's old maxim: success is achieved when we work ourselves out of a job.