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What is a²delante?

a² is the power of two creative minds coming together. It also represents the strength and potential of collaborative partnerships. In both cases, the sum is always greater than the parts. adelante is a Spanish word that implies moving forward. It is about shaping the future with vision.


Ariella Orbach, MSc (MSPL)

Ariella is a rural development professional who specializes in project planning and management, capacity building and participatory research. She has been working for over eight years with Indigenous communities in Chile, Panama and Canada.

Ariella thrives in intercultural and collaborative environments and works to bring people and their ideas together to create exciting and sustainable initiatives. She is especially interested in video as a vehicle for youth capacity building and is actively working on several youth-led participatory video and action research projects. She is always amazed by what young people can achieve when they put their minds to it.

Ariella contributes her skills in project planning and management to community leaders, working together to design and fund projects that address the real needs of the community. She has collaborated with Kuna leaders in Panama to re-evaluate potential for a major ethno-ecotourism project, and worked with Mapuche women artisans in Chile to successfully initiate an entrepreneurship capacity building project that is helping them create opportunities to earn income from their art.

Ariella enjoys facilitating leadership and capacity building processes. She has accompanied Cree youths on a two-week canoe expedition to empower them to document the journey with video, and is currently supporting Atikamekw youths to carry out video-mediated research on traditional territory and cultural practices.

Ariella holds a Masters degree in Rural Planning and Development from the University of Guelph.


Andrés Ibáñez, MSc

Andrés trained as a rural extension worker and specializes in process facilitation for community organizational development. He brings seven years of practical knowledge of communication approaches to building collaboration, confidence and skills for participatory planning and context analysis.

Andrés promotes engagement and empowerment through organizational visioning, video training, participatory evaluation and collaborative communications. He emphasizes supporting and amplifying the voice of Indigenous community initiatives at the federal and territorial levels in Canada.

He has worked alongside regional and international organizations in Canada and Chile, promoting access to telehealth in remote Oji-Cree communities in northern Ontario, to clean drinking water in Aymara communities in northern Chile, and co-managing the public engagement process of a poverty reduction program in Nunavut.

Andrés has learned from very committed community leaders and witnessed the excitement, creativity and self-empowerment that flourishes when people come together to think about and plan for the change they want to see.

He is enthusiastic about opening spaces for learning, innovation, participatory analysis and evaluation to build locally-led initiatives that are effective seeds of change.

Andrés has a Masters in Rural Extension from the University of Guelph.