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Successful and sustainable community initiatives tap into and build on the knowledge and ideas

that already exist in the community.


We can help you design and carry out research projects to address questions important to your community and to document knowledge and history about culture and territory. The perspectives and knowledge that emerge can uncover new paths to community well-being.


Research can be a powerful opportunity for capacity building within the community. When designing a research project with you, we help you look for ways to engage the community, including youth and Elders, to develop research skills that will remain in the community, and to ensure an ethical process. We always work to meet and exceed the OCAP principles of ownership, control, access and possession of research data.


By integrating innovative tools and methods to the research process, including technologies such as video and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), communities can create inclusive and generative research processes that harness and grow local talents while benefiting from the strength of collective knowledge.