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Research & knowledge

We can help you design and carry out action research projects to address questions important to your community. Community-led research can be an effective way to recover, document and share knowledge and history about ancestral territory and traditions. The perspectives and knowledge that emerge can uncover paths to community well-being.


Participatory action research is initiated, controlled and owned by the community. It is ethical and respectful of Indigenous ways of understanding and interpreting the world. It aims to generate real, concrete benefits for the community.


In all of our projects, we strive to meet and exceed the OCAP principles of ownership, control, access and possession.

We specialize in working with communities to use video as a tool for action research. For oral societies, where storytelling and conversation are important ways to pass on knowledge, video is often better suited for recording and sharing knowledge than written methods.


By using video as a research tool, communities can create opportunities for their youth to contribute to research projects.

Photo: Mapuche School of Filmmaking and CommunicationPhoto: Mapuche School of Filmmaking and Communication