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These examples illustrate how we work with our clients. Click on "learn more" to read about each of these recent projects.


Entrepreneurship training

The entrepreneurial spirit lives in every community. We work with individuals and groups to translate talent, passion and traditional skills and knowledge into business ideas. We help potential entrepreneurs to build the technical skills and business management capacities they need, while building confidence to face the demands and challenges of the market. As facilitators, we serve as allies and advisors to community-based entrepreneurs, helping to find opportunities to tap into talents and experiences, test and adapt ideas, and to research market needs and expectations. We favour a staged process that enables emerging entrepreneurs to build confidence and empowers them to self-identify as businesspeople.

Filmmaking training for youth

Creative expression through video and community filmmaking  can help communities achieve diverse educational, capacity building and youth engagement objectives, while pursuing cultural goals such as documenting and passing on Elders’ knowledge. We have worked with Indigenous communities to design audiovisual training and communication strategies and have trained and mentored youth in video-making to build their life skills, encourage community involvement and connect them with Elders.

Video-mediated research

Video can be used as an innovative research tool for documenting and preserving oral and place-based knowledge. It is accessible and easy-to-learn, making it a great way to engage community members in a research project, while building local research capacity. Audiovisual research products, such as documentaries and interactive maps, are at once effective media for communicating research results with the outside world and for passing on cultural knowledge, practices and language to future generations within the community. Working with video to meet community-defined research goals requires an open discussion about ethics and protocols for engaging with Indigenous knowledge. Holding these discussions early in a project allows us to design a research plan and methods that respect and uphold the specific protocols of a nation.