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Youth are the future leaders of their Nations. We work with communities to design and implement projects

that inspire young people to become involved in community life, connect them with their identity

and build their leadership skills and self-confidence.


We can help your community to develop projects that support youth by offering training, encouraging leadership qualities, inspiring young people to become involved in community life and by fostering the transmission of language, culture and traditional knowledge to the new generations. Most youth projects combine at least two of these core areas.


We specialize in integrating video and other multimedia (GIS/interactive mapping, photography) to youth-centred projects. Video and other media engage youth in hands-on learning and skills building, and provide a platform for communicating youth perspectives and ideas for community building. The camera can act as a particularly effective bridge for intergenerational communication, uniting youth and Elders around video projects that record traditional knowledge and practices while passing them on to the new generations.