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Engagement for planning & development


Community engagement is about creating inclusive spaces that bring people and their ideas together. Local knowledge and relationships are the foundations of community building, because local people are the experts in their reality. Successful and sustainable community initiatives tap into and build on the knowledge and ideas that already exist in the community.


We use participatory video as a tool to help bring the members of your community together to reflect on challenges, share ideas and imagine creative solutions for building a stronger community. Participatory video projects provide immediate results: videos that can be screened and shared in the community. Video screenings can be a powerful way to engage and attract people to a conversation about a particular topic or issue.


The creative and hands-on nature of video technology makes it particularly appealing to youth. Using video to enhance community planning and development is a great way to involve young people actively in community initiatives through their role as videographers.


Participatory video can enhance community planning and development. We can help you use PV to:

  • communicate priorities and perspectives to influence policy and funding decisions
  • set goals and strategically plan for community development
  • include the broader community in needs assessment and project design
  • monitor and document project progress and present results
  • engage youth in community initiatives and get young people excited about community building

Visioning process, Mapuche territory  |  Photo: a2delanteVisioning process, Mapuche territory | Photo: a2delante