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These videos are examples of results from our ongoing projects.


These short films were created by teams of Indigenous community researchers, youth and children from Mapuche (Chile) and Atikamekw (Québec) communities participating in this three-year action research project. With the support of community Elders, filmmaking trainers and our project team, the young filmmakers used short film to explore spaces within their ancestral territories and the stories that emerge from these places. These stories communicate important elements of Atikamekw and Mapuche identity and suggest how humans can co-exist sustainably with the environment. We provided research support for the production of these videos and are exploring with the Indigenous research teams how to develop a distinctly Atikamekw or Mapuche methodology for video-mediated story-based research.

The ocean, with its colours, sounds and energies infuse with spirit and wisdom the dialogue between two young girls and their grandfathers. We, Mapuche Lafkenche, observe the ocean's Az so that we may become one with it, maintaining the balance of our relationship with this space that we call Lafkenmapu.

Wild animals can read the messages we write to them. Two Atikamekw Elders remind us of this tradition.



This community-run school is not a building but a series of activities that create spaces within Mapuche communities (Chile) for reflecting on and communicating elements of Mapuche social, cultural, spiritual and political identity. Every summer, Mapuche youth and children participate in intensive workshops to learn how to create short films on these topics. The workshops are grounded in Mapuche protocols for seeking and communicating knowledge and are implemented under the guidance of Elders and Mapuche cultural and political authorities. We worked with our Mapuche partners to design the project and to develop solid organizational partnerships for implementing and funding the workshops. We assist with project management and co-facilitate training and related activities. We ensure project monitoring and help partners adapt the project in accordance with feedback.

Everything is alive and everything is related: this is the Mapuche way of understanding life. A philosophy that is threatened by the activities of the forestry industry in the region, mobilizing Mapuche communities to defend their land and territory.

Elder Florencio passes on his knowledge of fishing to two Mapuche children, who receive his teachings with enthusiasm.