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Participatory video


Participatory video (PV) is the practice of making videos in the community to meet specific goals. It is "participatory" because people from the community are encouraged to learn to use video and are the ones making the decisions about how to use it.


A participatory video project involves groups of people, often youths, working with a facilitator to learn how to tell stories and compose good images using professional or readily available video technology. Participants can also learn to edit and work with the facilitator and other community members to create a final product that can be shared to meet the objectives of the community or group.


We can work with you to use participatory video for:

  • engaging youth in community projects

  • passing on traditional knowledge, practices and stories

  • recording historical and traditional knowledge or community events

  • reflecting on an issue and exploring solutions

  • identifying needs and ideas for future projects

  • communicating needs to an outside audience

  • monitoring and evaluating the outcomes and impacts of a project.

Photo: Mapuche School of Filmmaking and CommunicationPhoto: Mapuche School of Filmmaking and Communication